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Known for designing and manufacturing high-performing, quality pens, Zebra is at it again with an additional collection in the line of SARASA pens – the Zebra SARASA NANO Gel Pen.

With a fresh body brand that goes for a more classy and formal look as compared with SARASA Clip, the Zebra SARASA NANO Gel Pen is one of the few gel pens that are available in 0.38 mm tip size. Aside from having a great hand-feel, it also has a metal writing tip that is embedded in the grip section, making it more secure and durable. 

But what makes it stand out from the rest?

It maintains ultra-fine, clean and consistent lines. A gel pen with a fine tip is already up for a challenge when it comes to smooth and consistent ink flow, but the Zebra SARASA NANO Gel Pen made it possible, with the use of their innovative design and search for stress-free writing.

Utilizes water-based pigment. The Zebra SARASA NANO Gel Pen uses the Zebra JF refill which makes the ink water-resistant, feather-resistant, and has high lightfastness. You won’t need to worry about the fading of your notes anytime soon! The color also tends to be stark despite it being a fine gel pen – a big plus for legibility.

Functions with the Urufuwa cushion technology. The exterior of the pen is designed with a rubberized grip, a matted body, a dual-colored knock and strong spring clip. On the inside, it comes along with a spring that allows the tip to bounce subtly relative to the pressure as you write. This technology is responsible for the smooth and scratch-free writing experience that not every fine gel pen is capable of.

The Zebra SARASA NANO Gel Pen is available in a huge variety of lovely and vivid colors. Choose your favorite color and check it out in StationeryPal! Be sure to use the discount code “Valentine15” to get it for 15% less.

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