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🏳️‍🌈Celebrate Pride Month With A Free Zebra Rainbow Gel Pen
Writing Supplies for Lefties!

Writing Supplies for Lefties!

Did you know only seven to ten percent of the world's population are left-handed? It is believed that lefties think with the right side of the brain responsible for music, art, perception, and emotion. It tends to be more abstract and considers the bigger picture. In comparison, right-handed people use the left side of their brain, which is much more linear and is responsible for speech, language, writing, maths, and science. 

The struggle was real – never being able to use a pen properly, smudging the ink as you write, spring notebooks are always on the way, cramps and hand fatigue from uncomfortable pens, poor ink flow due to the pen inclination.

Some writing tools are specifically made for lefties, but the right features can assist even righty-friendly goods in handling left-handed problems. Choosing these tools can make your life a lot easier. We've put together a list of our favorite products for lefties!

The Uni-ball Jetstream is a left handed dream come true. The specifically developed, low-viscosity ink in this ballpoint writes exceptionally smoothly and with minimal pressure, unlike normal ballpoints. It also avoids the ink blots that certain ballpoints have, consistently drying the ink within three seconds. There are numerous pen designs to choose from.

Pentel EnerGel Infree Gel Pen is a gel ink ballpoint pen with a gorgeous translucent body that reveals the ink color. It has smooth, vivid Energel ink that dries quickly and is ideal for lefties. You'll have a smooth writing experience with no spreading or blotting. Energel ink dries quickly thanks to a sophisticated blend of rollerball and gel ink, making it an excellent choice for lefties.

With the release of their Uni Propus Window Double-Sided Highlighter, the Japanese company Uni ignites a spark of innovation in the world of highlighters. The transparent window on the tip of this highlighter, which allows you to see exactly which portion of the text you are highlighting, is what makes this highlighter so special and remarkable which is perfect for a left-handed person. In fact, it comes with a pointed tip on the other side.

This Pilot Dr. Grip 4+1 4 Color 0.3 mm Ballpoint Multi Pen combines the legendary comfort and quality of Pilot's Dr. Grip line with its low-viscosity Acro ink, which combines the smoothness and vibrancy of a gel pen with the water resistance and fast drying time of a ballpoint. A blend of ink and lubricants ensures that the ball at the pen tip rotates smoothly, creating a gliding, no-skip writing experience. The pen's wide body and comfortable rubber grip are designed to provide a tireless writing experience, especially for left-handed people. The barrel has an attractive, high-quality metallic finish that is also matched by the grip. This multi-pen conveniently features 0.3 mm black, blue, green, and red inks, plus a 0.3 mm mechanical pencil. A refillable eraser is discretely located under the cap.

Enjoy a flawless writing experience with Zebra Sarasa Clip Retractable Gel Ink Pens available in a wide variety of colors that can take your creativity to the next level. This pen features a sleek barrel that matches the ink color and an alligator clip perfect for attaching the pen to your artwork, notebooks, or journals. The soft rubberized grip of the Zebra Clip pen will provide a comfortable grip for you combined with an ink that is fast-drying, smudge-proof, and smooth will ultimately give you an effortless writing experience.

Kokuyo Soft Ring notebooks are spiral/ring bound notebooks with soft plastic rings instead of metal wires. This means it can fit into a tight space, won’t scratch up your hand, and won’t damage anything that comes near it. They spring right back into shape and are soft against your arm or hand.

If you're left-handed, we hope these fantastic products will make life a little easier for you. In order to inspire and motivate individuals who work with their left hands! This items can be purchased from Stationery Pal.


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