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Plus MR2 Mini Correction Tape - Pink

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Don't miss it if you pass by, the MR2 correction series tape has a mini version! The compact appearance contains 6 meters of tape and can be stored in a small organizer or pen case. The new Advanced Mini Roller Head is sturdy and can apply overlapping layers of tape without scratching the previous corrected area. It is a two-way correction as well. Pull for a whole sentence, push for a single letter. With a neat finish, correct the exact spot you desire to correct. Refill cartridges are easily removed and inserted, resulting in reduced plastic waste.

It also devised a simple solution for loose tape: the tape winding mechanism. The sliding head function ensures that the tape is instantly ready for an excellent performance by tightening the tape around the tip in a single motion. Loose tape is no longer a problem. Any loose tape may be quickly rolled back using the convenient sliding mechanism. Since there is no cap to remove, you will not worry about losing it.

External Dimensions: 22 X 74 X 26 mm / 0.9 X 3 X 1 inch
Color: Pink

Customer Reviews

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This works great! I like these over the liquid wite-out. You don’t have to wait for it to dry so it’s not a messy application. Most importantly, it doesn’t have a smell like the liquid versions! The correction tape is ergonomic with textured rubber and finger grooves.

my most useful purchase

I received a really nice calendar as a Christmas gift last year and I immediately marked it up with events and trips for the year. Since everything's been cancelled this year, I started crossing it all off and the calendar looked awful. I really wanted to keep the pretty calendar to use for homeschooling instead and so this became my most useful purchase of the year.