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Stationery Pal Stationery Set - Rose

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"O my Luve's like a red, red rose. That's newly sprung in September; O my Luve's like the melody. That's sweetly played in tune... " 🌹

People give roses for love confessions. It represents enthusiasm and great affection, shining in crowds all over the world. This is the reason roses represent romance, love, beauty, and courage. The self-explanatory love, without implication, simply declared to the entire world, "I will love you forever."

This time, Stationery Pal has released the rose set includes 16 items: a highlighter, four pens, washi stickers, washi tape, sticky notes, a ruler, stickers, a greeting card, and a bracelet are all included in the set. Show your appreciation with this loving gift for yourself or your lover. 🍷

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There are 2 items that can be bought alone:

Statioholic Original Stickers - Roses

Faber-Castell Highlighter Textliner 46 Metallic - Glorious Red

Customer Reviews

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Beautiful Rose Set

I am very impressed the quality of everything is amazing 9

Mandy Maury
Timeless 🌹

The Stationery Pal Rose Stationery Set is an alluring and classy set that perfectly portrays the romanticism and timelessness of roses. This set immediately captured my attention with its lovely rose-themed design and the carefully chosen, sophisticated components.

Griselda Rivera
Love this rose set!

I loved all the items in this set. I was pleasantly surprised with the highlighter. It has a beautiful shine to it and I finally did my first journal page because of this set. I loved all the stickers and the bracelet is beautiful. If you can get it, get it. You won't regret it.

Delilah Rockwell
What a classic!

The set that I wanted for myself. I am so glad Stationery pal released this journal set with many variety of tools that I can use to craft my art and pleasure. Roses are pretty classic for a set, and I appreciate it very much. There's bracelet too that I treasure! It reminds me to love always. Thank you stationery pal!


I love journaling in my mini garden. This set perfectly fits the ambience! I am always in love; in love with nature, in love with myself, my pets, and my roses in my mini garden. Working with rose themed journal elevates the feeling! It has everything that I needed, I can just carry the set with me in my pace to work peacefully.