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1 Slot Cable Organizer - Black

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Are you still annoyed by the messy headphone cables, charging cables, speaker cables, keyboard or mouse cables on your desk?

According to research, a neat and organized desktop can greatly improve one's learning and productivity. Just stick this cable organizer anywhere you want to organize your cables, and all your cables will no longer be tangled and disorganized.

All wires up to 5 mm can be used.
Use this product on the following surfaces: glass, plastic, wood, metal, leather, tile

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Tanya James

HOLYYYYY THIS IS AMAZING! I just got mine and instantly use to fix my cable wires and guess what!? It's peaceful to the mind how tidy my desk has become after using this product. Super love this! I am planning to buy more.

Sharlene Santos
Super convenient!

This is super convenient to be honest! My cables were a totally mess and this item helped a lot. I actually bought more for my other wires, my desks are now clean and tidy!

Glenda Smith

This is better than I hoped for. So easy to use, they adhere great, and remove easily too. It’s important to wipe down the smooth surface with rubbing alcohol or other product that won’t harm the surface, let it thoroughly dry before adhering. Use where it won’t be bumped often. These are so handy!

Barry Monroe

Its a simple product but one of the best things I have ever purchased. Needed a way to organize my laptop charging cable as it normally had to crossover my desk, using these I was able to create a little highway for my charging cable in a way that made the cable less obstructive to other items on my desk. Great product for anyone needing to organize their wires and cables.