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5 Slots Cable Organizer - Pink

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Are you still annoyed by the messy headphone cables, charging cables, speaker cables, keyboard or mouse cables on your desk?

According to research, a neat and organized desktop can greatly improve one's learning and productivity. Just stick this cable organizer anywhere you want to organize your cables, and all your cables will no longer be tangled and disorganized.

All wires up to 5 mm can be used.
Use this product on the following surfaces: glass, plastic, wood, metal, leather, tile

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Lydia Cowell
Simple yet very effective!

I've previously purchased this item. I was happy with the design and build quality, so I bought it again.
I have a lot of wired equipment throughout my house, like most people, and there are many of wires. The messy wires behind my nightstand is better organized thanks to this item. The wire won't fall behind the furniture when I disconnect a gadget, saving me from having to move the furniture and hunt for the wire. I suggest this item if you detest when it occurs.

Andrea Gabby
Works excellently! ☻

I've been using this for a while, and it makes managing cords simple. I don't have to pull the desk out, feed the cord behind it, and push the desk back in again, and everything feels much more orderly as a result. Simply grasp the necessary cord. I heartily endorse it!

Allysa V.

I bought this to manage and hide my USB connections on my desk setup so that it would have a minimalistic appearance. I'll be honest; there isn't much to say other that they're great and perform as promised. The organizer flexible, allowing installation on curved edges and allowing the cable openings to conform to 10mm2 cable. The traditional 3M sticker has the back's adhesion. This indicates that the hold on them is quite strong and challenging to release, so if you're buying them, consider where you'll put them because it will be challenging to remove them once they're in place.

Kelly Hoover
Pink and useful! ღ

The construction of these cable holders is excellent. Sincerely, they are far better than I would have anticipated. I can tell you that this is not like some other "no name" cable holders where the sticky part would never want to operate. The cable organizers stick VERY nicely, even on glass.