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Harry Potter Limited Edition Press-out Correction Tape - Red

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The mysterious Hogwarts, where are assorted items at the corner of the shop, closely to see it is various magic stuff, follow the exciting venture of harry potter, witness the courage and love that overwhelmed the dark and vice. And welcome to the magic world!

The Correction Tape is applied with high-quality deflectable correction tape that has a good fit, making warping the edge difficult. Its press-out design protects by preventing the tip from being destroyed carelessly. It can be pressed out when necessary and returned when not. The replaceable cores design is both practical and cost-effective. Furthermore, its smooth body is easily gripped, providing you with an extraordinary experience!

Size: 107 X 30 mm / 4 X 1 inch
Tape size: 5 mm X 6 m / 0.2 X 236 inch

Customer Reviews

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Aisha al-baker.
This website is amazing!!! 🤩🤩🤩

This website is amazing!!! 🤩🤩🤩 It as so many cute things and it is so cheap too. I really love this website and u can also add some things to ur wishlist. This is why is website is amazing 🤩


Alright! I wish there is a Snape themed press-out correction tape coz I'm his biggest fan. Welp, still a Harry fan that's why I bought this one. I thought it would easily break just like the other correction tapes I had but no, not this one. The durability of the correction tape is beyond belief. It's very convenient since it the core is replaceable which won't cost me a lot. I recommend this product!


The way I gasped upon seeing the HP themed press-out correction tape is sooooo good! I bet this can erase Draco's memories for the quality it offers hahahaha! This is top-notch product and I am glad to purchase this one. Thank you, Stationery Pal!

Olga Kay
OBLIVIATE!!! - Hermione

I can use this pressed-out correction tape as wand to erase things impeccably! The standard of this correction tape sets the best record. Totally serviceable for people in need of correcting mistakes! I love this one!

Sara J. Winston

This HP pressed-out correction tape is another level! Beside the theme, the quality possessed by this item is tremendously beneficial. This is really a practical item that helps many students, accountants, writers, journalists, and more in case of wiping out minor mistakes. This is the best correction tape so far