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Plus Whiper MR2 Correction Tape Mizutama Series - Hana

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The Limited Edition MR2 series correction tape not only maintains the smoothness of MR series correction but also becomes more user-friendly. The size of the tape is 5mm in width and 6m long.
The new Advanced Mini Roller Head is more durable, and can easily apply overlapping layers of tape without scratching the area that has already been corrected. The new cap can be opened or closed with just one-touch
The pen-style body is easy to carry. Pen-style correction tape can be used as a writing instrument. It is the ideal shape to carry in the pencil case. There are two ways of correction. One is to pull for a whole sentence, pushing for one letter. Another is to correct the exact spot want to correct it with a neat finish.
This correction tape is refillable and easy to be refilled. Also, the refill cartridge is compatible with two types of applicator. The refills are fully compatible with the MR2 mini and MR2 applicator. Refill cartridges are easily removed and inserted, with less plastic disposal.
By tightening the tape around the tip in a single motion, the sliding head function ensures that the tape is instantly ready for an excellent performance. The slack tape is no longer a problem. Using the handy slide lever can easily wind back any loose tape. Since there is no cap to remove or worry about losing, usage is quick and efficient.


  • Pens with sharp nibs may scratch the correction tape.
  • If white tape sticks to the hands or clothes, wash off with water.
  • Do not store or leave beside the open fire or store in direct sunlight.
  • Put the cap on the correction's tip after use.