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Translucent Pen Holder

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Isn't it true that you always need a holder for your pens and other stationery? Something that would keep the desk tidy and clean This clear pen holder will keep you organized! It keeps the desk organized and professional by centralizing all writing tools (pens, pencils, staplers, erasers, sharpeners, mechanical pencils, and markers).

Size: 100 mm X 70 mm X 60 mm / 4 inch X 2.8 inch X 2.4 inch

Customer Reviews

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Karen Daniels

I love the look of the clear holder, allowing me to fully see the colors of my pencils and keeps them from rolling off the table. Very practical purchase.

Spot Cues
Must have!

I love this product! I am super into the aesthetic of the clear plastic. I can fit so many pens markers and pencils in here. It’s packed and so sturdy and functional. I appreciated the affordability of this product as well as how good it looks and works. Highly recommend.

Fancy Gomez

The ideal feature about this holder is it is made up durable materials despite being transparent, it still fits the desktop with any theme. It is sturdy in comparison to generic organizers and comes along with safety guarantee.

Exactly what I want.

Exactly what I hoped it would be! Perfect desktop pen holders and is sturdy and thick quality. It is worth the money.