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Uni-Ball One Gel Ink Ballpoint Pen Limited Edition - Fruit Tea Color - 0.38 mm - Relax Set

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The color names of each of the limited-edition inks in the summer of 2021 are named fruits and tea, and they are characterized by vivid colors that are typical of " uni-ball one " but are refreshing and easy to use. In addition, the 4- color set package is designed in the image of a fruit teacup, making it a stylish set that you can enjoy looking at.

By using it in combination with black ink, which symbolizes the "dark and clear" that is the greatest feature of " uni-ball one ", you can create note cards and illustrations with a refreshing color that feels like summer. increase.

Image of fruit tea sold at pop-up shops in summer. Uni has a lineup of ink colors that are inspired by the fruits and tea contained in fruit tea. In addition, the black ink has a white shaft that fits in the set. The 4-color set package is designed with the shape of a fruit teacup 🍵 as a motif.

It is a color series that allows you to enjoy writing notes, cards, and drawing illustrations using "uni-ball one fruit tea color", just like spending a pleasant time drinking fruit tea with a friend.

The pigment used in "Uniball One Ink" is a bead pack pigment originally developed by enclosing a conventional coloring material in particles. By enclosing the pigment which is the color material of the ink, the coloring material on the paper develops the original color, black becomes darker, and the color develops more vividly. And you can write clear and clear characters that are easy to remember.

・ 4-color set Relax (ink color: butterfly pea, Sicilian lemon, fig, black). Fantastic healing colors are ideal when you want to relax at the end of the day.