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5 Slots Cable Organizer - Black

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Are you still annoyed by the messy headphone cables, charging cables, speaker cables, keyboard or mouse cables on your desk?

According to research, a neat and organized desktop can greatly improve one's learning and productivity. Just stick this cable organizer anywhere you want to organize your cables, and all your cables will no longer be tangled and disorganized.

All wires up to 5 mm can be used.
Use this product on the following surfaces: glass, plastic, wood, metal, leather, tile

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Nadia Taylor
100 percent a need!

fantastic acquisition! Thanks to these cable holders, my table is no longer a disaster as it once was. I'll undoubtedly purchase again.

An essential that I need!

These are exactly what I needed to keep things tidy (or concealed, depending on where you put them) and avoid constantly bending over to charge or connect a device. We no longer need to bring these cords around because I now have them and other common cords dispersed throughout the house. Wonderfully easy fix that is quite beneficial!

Charles Douglas
Works well!

This has been outstanding thus far! It look so simple, but it function better than I would have thought. If you're sick of the dropping charging cable, you might need this. Very helpful!

Convenient ♡

The only thing I didn't do correctly was thoroughly clean my desk so that the glue would adhere properly. It works excellent for my desk and sticks well. I first tried promise on my desk before setting the chord holders there, and it worked.