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A5 Size Sticky Notes Set - Ruled

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These versatile sticky notes are designed to help you stay organized and make your daily tasks more manageable. Whether you need to jot down reminders, take quick notes, or create sections in diaries, journals, reference books, or notebooks, these sticky notes are the perfect solution.

Their self-adhesive backing ensures they securely stick to any surface, such as your notebook, personal scrapbook, or office use. One of the standout features of this set is its ability to color-code your projects, diary entries, tasks, and to-do lists. With a variety of colors available, you can easily assign different meanings or categories to each color, making it effortless to visually organize your work and easily spot important items at a glance. You can even use the color part of the sticky notes as a code or index label. The PVC bottom card, featuring waterproof grooves, adds durability to the set. It can be conveniently inserted into a binder with either 6 holes or 8 holes, ensuring that your sticky notes and tabs stay organized and accessible.

Each set includes four sets of sticky note pads, available in dotted, horizontal, or square formats, with 25 sheets per pad. Additionally, there are six arrow index page marker tabs, each containing 20 sheets. This comprehensive set is perfect for students, professionals, or anyone who wants to enhance their organization and productivity.

Customer Reviews

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I love it ♡

The ruled lines on these sticky notes provide a consistent spacing, making my handwriting look neater and more legible. It's a small detail that goes a long way. The A5 Size Sticky Note Set with ruled lines is an essential tool for project planning. I can break down tasks, write down deadlines, and easily track my progress.

Selina Harrison

These sticky notes are a lifesaver for capturing ideas on the go. The ruled lines give me a guide to write down my thoughts quickly and clearly. I find the ruled lines on these sticky notes helpful for creating numbered lists or outlining steps for a process. It makes my planning more structured and organized. The A5 size is portable and convenient. I can carry these sticky notes in my bag or pocket, ensuring that I have a reliable note-taking tool wherever I go.

Amanda Campbell
This set is really good!

These sticky notes are perfect for annotating documents or textbooks. The ruled lines make it easy to add comments, underline key points, or highlight important information. The adhesive on these sticky notes is strong enough to stay put, but also allows for easy repositioning. It's a practical feature that enhances the usability of these notes.

Tammy Smith
So much love!

These A5 Size Sticky Notes with ruled lines are a valuable tool for meetings and workshops. I can jot down action items, record discussions, and keep track of important points. I love how these sticky notes with ruled lines keep my workspace tidy. The lines provide a sense of structure and make my notes look more visually appealing.