Cheese Mechanical Pencil - 0.5 mm - White Pen Grip

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The cutest and most aesthetically pleasing Cheese Mechanical Pencil has a 0.5 mm core thickness lead and a comfortable silicone grip. To remove the refill, press the top of the mechanical pencil; to change the core, insert the refill into the nib of the mechanical pencil.

Length: 145 mm / 4.7 inch
Nib Size: 0.5 mm

Customer Reviews

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Hetal Garcia
An addition to my collection

The Cheese mechanical pencil has everything! The fashion and the quality is such a total package! I feel like this can be a great gift this Christmas!

Payton Mendoza
Enraptured with the physiques and quality of this pen!

Such a refine and beautiful pen! The cheese concept is really adorable, and the way it writes on any paper without defect is just wondrous!

Lacy Winston
Hands down!!!

I can vouch that this is the cutest and aesthetically pleasing pen, ever! Not only does it look good, but the fact that it is featured with extraordinary materials and characteristics is what every one must look into.