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Double-Sided Marker Pen Set - Stamp / Line - Cool Color

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Use the six distinct ink colors and stamp designs included in this set of markers. Each pen includes water-based ink and a double-sided design. On one side, the stamp nib allows for the stamping of clear and delicate patterns. On the other side, the nib allows for fine lines and brush lettering.


  • 6 patterns & colors: A maple (Green), a waterdrop (Lime), a crystal (Turquoise), a smiley (Purple), a heart (Indigo), and a star (Sky Blue),
  • A great variety of applications can be used for drawing, decorating bullet journals, doing handcrafts, taking notes, etc.

Length: 144 mm / 5.7 inch

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Shaniah Grayson
Oh my! I am in love! ɞ

These markers are a game-changer for my artistic projects! The stamp feature is so much fun to use, and the cool colors are incredibly soothing. Whether I'm doodling or creating intricate illustrations, these markers add a touch of elegance and calmness to my artwork. I can't express how much I adore the Double-Sided Marker Pen Set! The stamp and line combo is a perfect combination of versatility and precision. The cool color selection adds a refreshing and modern vibe to my artwork, making it stand out beautifully.

Cinderella Hummingbird

These markers have become my go-to art tools! The stamp feature allows me to create unique patterns and backgrounds effortlessly, and the fine line tip is great for adding fine details. The cool color palette adds a sense of coolness and sophistication to my artistic projects. I'm amazed by the quality and performance of the Double-Sided Marker Pen Set. The stamp function works flawlessly, and the fine line tip provides precise control. The cool colors are absolutely stunning and add a touch of elegance and calmness to my artwork.

Prudence Key

If you're looking for versatile markers with a cool color scheme, look no further than the Double-Sided Marker Pen Set. The stamp feature allows me to create beautiful patterns and textures, while the fine line tip is perfect for adding definition and details. The cool colors make my artwork feel fresh and contemporary.

Geraldine Sang
Highly recommended!

These markers have exceeded my expectations! The stamp and line combination offers endless possibilities for creativity. The cool color palette is soothing and relaxing, adding a sense of tranquility to my artwork.

Anastasia Charming
Wow! ت

I can't recommend the Double-Sided Marker Pen Set enough! The stamp and line functionality, paired with the cool color selection, make these markers a must-have for any artist. The cool colors bring a sense of calmness and sophistication to my artwork.