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Extend Sticky Notes - Grid

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Have any of the following experiences come to mind? There isn't enough room in the notebook to fit all you want to put on one page, or there is no space to combine the key points of what the teacher said or reference books together.

  • The compact size makes it easy to carry with you.
  • Printed grid lines on both sides, make double-sided writing possible.
  • The paper features thin albeit the pages overlapped won't bulk up the notebooks.
  • Two different sticky ways to exert its functions on your notebooks: horizontal and vertical.
  • The width of the glue part is 8 mm, you can stick it straightly to the edge of pages, and fold it along the perforations.

Grid: 5 mm / 0.2 inch
Inner Page: 32 sheets
Size: 100 mm X 150 mm / 4 inch X 6 inch

Customer Reviews

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Fergie Harrison
Total package!

The grid lines are clear and easy to follow, allowing me to neatly structure my notes and ideas. Whether it's planning out a project timeline, creating a to-do list, or even designing a layout, these sticky notes offer the ideal balance between flexibility and structure.

Dorothy Williams

They stick securely to various surfaces, such as paper, whiteboards, or computer monitors, without leaving any residue behind when removed. I appreciate that I can reposition them multiple times without losing stickiness or damaging the surface.

I'm very happy!

The Extend Sticky Notes - Grid have truly elevated my note-taking and organization. The grid layout enhances the overall clarity and aesthetics of my notes, making them easier to read and understand. Whether I'm brainstorming ideas, creating charts, or organizing information, these sticky notes provide the structure I need for efficient productivity.

Charmaigne Do
Highly recommended!

If you're someone who values precision and organization, I highly recommend the Extend Sticky Notes - Grid. They are a valuable tool for students, professionals, and anyone seeking to streamline their thoughts and tasks. Prepare to take your note-taking experience to the next level with these fantastic grid-patterned sticky notes!