Harry Potter Limited Edition Spiral Notebook - Blue

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The mysterious Hogwarts, where are assorted items at the corner of the shop, closely to see it is various magic stuff, follow the exciting venture of harry potter, witness the courage and love that overwhelmed the dark and vice. And welcome to the magic world!

The Harry Potter Limited Edition Spiral Notebook is made of PP material notebook cover, which is waterproof and difficult to stainable. The coil design is suitable no matter the righthand or lefthand, it would be comfortable, flexible, and convenient to write. Its 80-gram paper is thick and high-quality and suitable for recording class notes, inspirited thoughts, and encouraging words.

Size: 75 X 102 mm / 3 X 4 inch

Quantity: 100 sheet

Customer Reviews

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Clay Montes

My son goes through a lot of note-taking, and the store doesn't always have quality spiral notebooks like this. He's a potter fan too so this is a blessing. As for the notebook itself, it's pretty high-end and stands out in any particular fashion from what you get off the shelf, and best thing is that it appears very durable enough and will suit our purposes just fine.

Yasmin Santelli

THE BEST SPIRAL NOTEBOOK EVER! I love that the spirals were on top to make it comfortable for left- handed and right-handed persons. Surpassing the expectations and standards, this is a perfect notebook that I can bring anywhere with me and can be stored in my bags easily.

Karlson Sy
I'm in seventh heaven!

Great great quality! The spiral notebook exceeds my expectation. The Harry Potter design is fabulous and the convenience of this product is efficacious. This deserves praises and acknowledgements! Materials are really put into effort, thank you! I am happy.

Tana Maguirre

Quality - 150%
Legibility of Description - 100%
Waterproofness - 120%
Overall- Perfection!!!