Harry Potter Limited Edition Spiral Notebook - Red

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The mysterious Hogwarts, where are assorted items at the corner of the shop, closely to see it is various magic stuff, follow the exciting venture of harry potter, witness the courage and love that overwhelmed the dark and vice. And welcome to the magic world!

The Harry Potter Limited Edition Spiral Notebook is made of PP material notebook cover, which is waterproof and difficult to stainable. The coil design is suitable no matter the righthand or lefthand, it would be comfortable, flexible, and convenient to write. Its 80-gram paper is thick and high-quality and suitable for recording class notes, inspirited thoughts, and encouraging words.

Size: 75 X 102 mm / 3 X 4 inch

Quantity: 100 sheet

Customer Reviews

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The description of the product is legit! Waterproof as it was defined. I couldn't be more grateful for the awesomeness this Harry Potter themed spring notebook provides.

Dexter Ryan

The profitability of this item from stationery pal is user-oriented! Practical and charming. I can jot down my favorite Harry Potter spells and other mythical characters! I accidentally spilt my water while my HP themed notebook is on the table, but good thing it was made of PP material that avoids water damaged or stains! Thank you

Sweet Paulson
Very much satisfied!

Can't believe this spring notebook offers high quality product! The material used to fabricate this is way out of everybody's league! Amazing. 10/10 for me!

Lilah Cadilac

This is the prettiest spring notebook I ever had! It is amazing how the product is waterproof! It is unstainable too which is very effective and practical. More to that, the HP themed is fantastic. Thankyou Stationery Pal!