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Harry Potter Limited Edition Sticky Notes - Magic Medicine

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The mysterious Hogwarts, where are assorted items at the corner of the shop, closely to see it is various magic stuff, follow the exciting venture of harry potter, witness the courage and love that overwhelmed the dark and vice. And welcome to the magic world!

The Harry Potter Limited Edition Sticky Notes are made of 80-gram double-adhesive paper, which is easy to tear and stick. Its high-quality printing and clear trimming are better to use in daily life. Also, it is compact and portable to record the class notes, daily plan, and brief routine.

Size: 80 X 110 mm / 3 X 4 inch

Quantity: 30 sheets

Customer Reviews

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Great as a sticker to add a little magical flair to a journal

I've been using them as both sticky notes and journal stickers!
They've got a cute design that's simple enough to read notes from (dyslexia), but also the image of the cauldron adds a nice little flair of magic into journal pages!

Lovely sticky notes

Lovely item for Magic fans!
Good stickiness and peel is good. The backing is very strong to the packaging so you lose one sheet if you want to save space. Lovely item and great price!