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Minimalist Fruit Notebook - Grape

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The Minimalist Fruit Notebook features a number of different fruit-themed designs. The thick texture of the inner paper not only makes it easy for your pen to write easily, but it also helps to keep the ink from spreading! The inner paper features a grid that can not only accommodate writing in both the horizontal and vertical directions but may also contribute to the layout's overall neatness and attractiveness. The notebook has a stitched binding, which makes it simple to open it to an angle of 180 degrees and makes it impossible to drop or otherwise damage the pages. It is possible to jot down notes, in addition to using it as a daily planner notebook, which is only one of its many applications.

Quantity: 100 sheets
Size: 145 mm X 145 mm / 5.7 inch X 5.7 inch

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

My heart made a leap upon receiving this classy notebook! ❣️ Great and high-end, every writer would love this, even artists or even people who doesn't write will start to craft because of how pretty this product is.

Jasmine Curby
Appealing 🤍

Oh! I found y holy grail! This is one attractive notebook. It may be simple but good grass, this is made with such quality materials! My pen glides smoothly and since the paper absorbs the ink elegantly, it doesn't smudge! My ultimate favorite for sure. 🥂

Anna Song Chen
Probably the most engaging notebook I owned!

The secret to have the energy to write is to have high quality notebooks. Well, this Minimalist Fruit Notebook heightens my productivity and efforts to write, craft, and create. Thank you Stationery Pal for this amazing product.

Alexandra Bolton
This is such a darling!!!

I love this multifunctional notebook so much! The color, the minimal design, the materials are fine as red cherry wine. I think I need more of this product. It's greatly produced! :D