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Modern Foldable Table Lamp

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The Foldable Table Lamp with Dual Lamp Holders is a highly versatile and portable lighting fixture that offers a range of convenient features. This table lamp features two lamp holders that can be adjusted freely, allowing you to customize the lighting angle and direction based on your needs. The dual lamp holders ensure a large area of uniform light without any dark spots, providing excellent illumination across your workspace or room.

With a compact size of 21cm, this foldable table lamp can fit into small spaces when not in use. It is perfect for use on desks, bedside tables, or even when traveling. This lamp is plugged in and ready to use.

The table lamp offers three-speed color temperature settings, allowing you to adjust the lighting to suit your preferences and create different atmospheres. It also features step-less dimming, enabling you to fine-tune the brightness level according to your needs. The lamp is designed with a foldable structure, making it easy to store and carry. You can fold it down into a compact size for transport or storage. The lamp operates using a touch switch, providing a user-friendly and intuitive control interface. You can easily turn the lamp on or off and adjust the brightness or color temperature by simply touching the switch.

Weight: 200g

Customer Reviews

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Jed Burton
Minimalist is the new aesthetic!

The Modern Foldable Table Lamp is a contemporary lighting option. Because of its modern form and foldable feature, it is a versatile and space-saving addition to any room.

Mads Damaris
Oh it's lovely!

This Foldable Table Lamp has a really modern style that I really like. It adds a sense of elegance to my desk or bedroom table, and the foldable element makes adjusting the lighting angle simple.

Reese Corbyn

This Modern Foldable Table Lamp is the ideal combination of usefulness and style. Its sleek lines and compact size make it an excellent choice for tiny areas, and the foldable shape facilitates storage and portability.

Wynona Crystal

The adaptability of this Modern Foldable Table Lamp has amazed me. It may be utilized in a variety of situations, and its foldable design makes it ideal for both concentrated task illumination and creating a comfortable environment.

Nikita Saw
Happy Me ♡

This Foldable Table Lamp truly embodies modern design principles. Its sleek and minimalistic look instantly enhances the aesthetics of any room, and the foldable feature adds a practical touch to its functionality