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Mont Marte Water-soluble Oil Pastels - Set of 12

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Introducing Mont Marte Water-soluble Oil Pastels. They come with a smooth and buttery high-quality texture. Fast drying time allows you to apply layers of paint quickly without messing up your colors. suitable for a range of surfaces, including paper, card, and canvas. It is great for color blending.

Handy hints:
· Add water to create vibrant effects
· Create sgraffito effects by scratching into thick layers
· Use on canvas and apply oil mediums or turps with a brush to create glazes
· Blend colors with your finger or a brush

Size: 160 mm X 90 mm X 17 mm / 6 inch X 4 inch X 0.7 inch

12 Colors: White, Yellow, Orange, Scarlet, Pink, Orchid, Azure, Green, Lime, Burnt Umber, Gray, Black

Customer Reviews

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Ellen Mijares

The price is amazing and if you are just simply intrigued and not sure if you want to buy them, go for it. They are worth the money and so fun to play around with and create finished or rough pieces with. I imagine these might be great for younger artists, maybe ages 8 and up as well.

Penny Jones
GEEZ!!! 100/100!

I can’t do these pastels justice but my review, but I will try. I’m not a fan of oil pastels normally, but these water soluble pastels can be used kind of like watercolor pencils, laying down the base of color and then melting them down with water, which is how I use them. They are so creamy and buttery smooth and it blends well.

Cherry Clavel

I can lay down a little color and use a wet brush, much like water colors. Also, although it was an accident that I bought the set, the effect was awesome. It is what inspired me to ditch my original plan for a very dark and bland painting to a very colorful version of a Bloodborne inspired work.

Gloria Davis

I've been teaching myself to paint for a couple months now. I've loved the effects I can get with a watercolor sky, but they don't stick to the canvas well. I tried painting my skies with acrylic, but it just wasn't working out. I knew people paint with oil pastels, but I read up on it and found out you can't lay acrylic over oil pastels, but you can lay it over WATER SOLUBLE oil pastels. THIS IS MY NEW FAVORITE!