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Non-fall Suction Pen Case - Purple

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- Silicone material
The pencil case is made of silicone material. It features waterproof and excellent sucked onto smooth surfaces. That makes it can stand better on the surface and enhances its stability.

- Large capacity design
It comes with a purse-type cute appearance, twists the buttons, and can vertically open the pencil case. The inner space can not only carry plenty of pens but also your smartphone.

Size: 207 mm × 97 mm × 50 mm / 8.1 inch × 3.8 inch × 2 inch

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Allie Bones
Highly recommended!

I bought the non-fall suction pen case for my child, and it's been a game-changer for their study routine. The case attaches easily to their study table, and they no longer waste time searching for misplaced pens. It's a small investment that brings great organization and efficiency.

Paula Rossi
Very useful! ♡

A stationary pen case, at last! This pen case's suction function is genius. It can be fastened to any flat surface, including my computer or notebook, and keeps my pens safe. No more slipping off the desk or disappearing into the depths of my luggage.

Marissa Jack
The best!

Finally, a pen case that stays put! The suction feature of this pen case is brilliant. I can attach it to any smooth surface, like my notebook or computer, and my pens are secure. No more rolling off the desk or getting lost in the abyss of my bag.

Entice Monteiro

My non-fall suction pen case is fantastic! For me, it's a great deal since I can stop worrying about misplacing my pens. My pens are always accessible because of the case's secure placement on my desk thanks to the suction cup in the base.

Willow Slumber

I absolutely love my non-fall suction pen case! It's a game-changer for me because I no longer have to worry about losing my pens. The suction cup at the base holds the case firmly on my desk, so my pens are always within reach.