Pilot ILMILY Limited Edition Ballpoint Pen - Pale Tone Blue

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Limited Edition Pilot ILMILY (I Like Me, I Like You) gel pens are in 12 gorgeous pale tone colors. The 12 limited edition colors are available in 0.5mm gel ink that works on both white and black paper.
A total of 12 colors are available for the pale tone color water-based pigment gel ink of a ballpoint pen with a gentle hue. To make you feel gentle when using it, the creators have given it a story-like naming that matches the image of each ink color, such as "Pale Tone Brown = Cocoa at 15:00". With a lighter shade of ink than pastel, a more delicate expression is possible. The body is designed to match the image of the ink color. The ball diameter is an ultra-fine type with a diameter of 0.5 mm, which is suitable for writing illustrations, letters, etc., in small parts such as notebooks.
"ILMILY" is a brand created by a cross-company project by female employees from various Pilot company departments to give shape to the enjoyment of writing and the desire to value handwriting time more as digitalization progresses. "ILMILY" with the concept of "making handwriting time more wonderful, more like, and more enjoyable." I will. "ILMILY" is named after the acronym "I Like Me, I Like You".
Tip Size: 0.5 mm
Color: Pale Tone Blue