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Platinum x Harry Potter Limited Edition Little Shooting Star Fountain Pen - Fine Nib - Hufflepuff

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This Harry Potter fountain pen set is packaged in a gift box with the Hufflepuff's theme color, it includes an octagonal design Platnum fine nib pen, a postcard of the Hufflepuff, and five ink cartridges.

The color scheme of the pen is also following the Hufflepuff's colors, and the cap is glossy black with the Hufflepuff's logo printed in gold. The body of the pen is following the main color of Hufflepuff, with the word Harry Potter and Hufflepuff printed in gold on it. This fountain pen comes with a winged steel fine nib with a little shooting star and a letter P that represent the brand Platinum.

This fountain pen has a spectacularly good ink flow. Also, there is a cap liner in the cap to stop the nib from drying out. The translucent smoky section is girthy with plenty of room for fingers to move up and down.

Overall, there are many nice details in this set which is a very nice and suitable set for collection.

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Customer Reviews

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Beautiful pen

Lovely packaging and the post card is fabulous!
The pen itself writes beautifully but refills are tricky to find so I've purchased some refillable ones from StationeryPal which should hopefully arrive soon