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Plus Air-In Mount Fuji Eraser Gift Box Specification - Set of 2 - Shiro

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🗻A new release of Tokyo-themed gift box specification Fuji Eraser is coming. A set of two comes in a cute matchbox-style small box. There are a total of 3 designs for the small box containing two erasers. It's so cute that you'll want to collect it.

This eraser brings a fun attitude to erasing your mistakes. The Mt. Fuji eraser is developed with two PVC layers, revealing Mt. Fuji as you use it. The eraser's slipcase was also beautifully designed, featuring gold foil stamping.

With a PLUS Mt. Fuji Eraser, the layers of rubber get shaved away on both sides, gradually forming a replica of the beautiful Mt. Fuji. This unique eraser offers smooth and effortless erasing while creating a fun experience that will make you smile every time it is used.😀

The eraser is made from layers of colored rubber. By using the eraser on both sides equally, a snow-topped Mt. Fuji gradually appears. Enjoy watching the progression from eraser to mountain with every use. It turns to erase into an enjoyable experience that you can look forward to.🥰

The eraser comes wrapped in a thick paper case that features a beautiful Japanese design, an Mt. Fuji graphic, and impressive gold stamping. The benefits of porous ceramic powder make you feel like you are always erasing with a clean and sharp edge.

Size: W 25 x D 45 x H 14 mm
Quality: Two pieces per box
Color: Orange and Light Blue