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Plus Whiper MR Limited Edition Correction Tape - Snoopy - Heart Theme

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"Snoopy's whole personality is a little bittersweet. But he's a very strong character. He can win or lose, be a disaster, a hero, or anything, and yet it all works out. I like the fact that when he's in real trouble, he can retreat into a fantasy."

The PLUS correction tape and the famous Snoopy unite to bring you this amazing correction tape! This Snoopy-themed correction tape is a stunner! As you know, The Plus correction tape features smooth ease of use, but how can we say that? The mini roller head offers smooth and consistent corrections. Also, the flexible head function matches MR applies tape firmly to the paper and its flexible head can be maneuvered to perform detailed corrections. Most importantly, each complete correction tape is refillable with All WHISPER MR Refills.

The correction tape's compact size makes it ideal for carrying in a pen case or other small organizer. It's also simple to use and refill, resulting in less waste.

Width: 5mm
Length: 6m

Customer Reviews

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Rusell Bronze
Thank you! ♔

Top-notched! I am very happy that I bought this product. Above all, it really provides the best quality. It is sturdy and do not skip, mostly, the simple design is amazing. Unlike other tapes that are really difficult and irritating to use, this one is different. I kind of planning to purchase more of this to give it as gifts this Christmas. Highly recommended! Very professional and elegant.

Libra Caliboso
Suave 🤍

Top-notched! I carry this with me anywhere I go. It is sturdy to be honest, and unlike most correction tapes they skip this one doesn't. The design is simple but attractive. Refillable and smooth!

Coffee Oliver

No other words but wow! This is a good quality kind of correction tape. Refillable which avoids waste and expenses, and so as it is eco-friendly too. The design is cute and adorable. My favorite part is that the tape doesn't skip!

Heather Swam
Fire! ❤️‍🔥

I am amazed with the quality! It is very professional and pretty. Like a pen style that I can carry with me anywhere and can be stored in any cases, The product is lit!