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San-X Rilakkuma & Korilakkuma Dr.Grip G-Spec Ballpoint Pen - Pink and Blue

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San-X Rilakkuma Dr.Grip G-Spec Ballpoint Pen has a soft comfortable rubber grip. The combination of the soft rubber grip and free ring effectively reduces writing fatigue. It is the edition of the popular character "Rilakkuma" of Sanex. The pen comes with Pilot gel refill, which uses smooth low-viscosity ink. The ink is quick-drying, slender, and not easy to smudge.
This pen adopts a classic bullet-point nib for smooth writing and a push-type design. It can efficiently up work and study with a writing instrument "Dr. Grip" which is hardly fatigue. What's more, it is a character product which is likely to be pleased as a gift.


  • Tip: 0.5mm
  • Size: 140mm×14mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
the pen is cute! writing performance is pretty generic

If you don't really care much about the quality of pens, because the ink is not the greatest, then go for it! This is also a personal preference, but I wasn't expecting to absolutely love this pen because I'm more of a fan of gel pens. The pen is adorable and the grip is pretty comfy, I like how the grip is so close to the tip because I tend to hold my pens super close to the tip. I definitely do not think this grip is the most comfy, because I tend to prefer pens/pencils with a softer or squishy grip like the uni alpha gel compared to something super firm like the pentel energel or zebra sarasa clip. Aside from that, I do find the grip to be pretty comfortable and it'd probably be great for a long writing session I think regarding the grip the firmness is somewhere in between the uni alpha gel and pentel energel, but leaning more towards the latter.

My opinion on this product.

This pen is a very nice pen overall but, if you are on a budget I don't recommend this to you. The ink flow is good, the design of the general pen is nice. The ink does take some time to dry depending on what environment (in aircon it dries faster than when you are in a place with no wind.) you are in and I don't think this pen is a good match for left-handed writers. The clicking on this pen is okay and when you press it, it is kind of hard but that is fine. The grip isn't as soft, or comfortable as you expect but it is better than some other brands.