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With the popularity of various styles, vintage style has always been trending. Not only does vintage style never go out of style, but it leads the way in new directions time and time again. Whether it's clothing, music, or architecture, people have always loved vintage style. Stationery Pal has released this limited vintage set so that stationery lovers can get options that are more in line with their attitude towards life.

This time, Stationery Pal has released the vintage set that includes 14 items: scissors, Plus Norino POD limited edition glue tape, six Monami pens, a stamp washi sticker, scrapbooking paper, stickers, an A6 notebook, and sticky notes.

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There are 9 items that can be bought alone:

Red Stainless Steel Scissors
Stamp Washi Sticker - Flower
Vintage Scrapbooking Paper Pad - Art
Monami Plus Pen 3000 - Vintage Color - Set of 6
Plus Norino POD Glue Tape Limited Edition - Kamakura
Tag Sticky Notes with Ruler - Set of 10 - Vintage Rectangle

Customer Reviews

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Felice Auckland
Totally Vintage!

For everyone who values the classic attractiveness of antique design, the Stationery Pal antique Stationery Set is a fascinating treasure trove. This set is a prized addition to any stationery collection because to the carefully chosen components, high-quality materials, and charming design. I wholeheartedly suggest this set if you want to add a touch of old-world grace and beauty to your writing.

Devonna Jackson
One of the best journal sets out there!

Stationery Pal is back at it again! Thankyou for the beautiful vintage set this just makes me happy specially the moment that I received the product. The quality serves and the delightful feeling arises every time I use this journal set. It has all the things I need and want.

Catherine Suamen
So much love <33

I really like this bullet journal, the aesthetic appearance and the convenience of the set amazes me. This is worth buying despite being expensive. Everything is worth the penny! I recommend this to all people that loves journaling.

Katana Lee
Such a beauty!

This just validated my love for vintage styles. Look at this amazing product that Stationery Pal released. I am hoping for more vintage bullet journal set that I can recommend to my friends and family. The set includes a scissor, washi stickers, scrapbooking paper, glue tape, a notebook, pens, and a ruler which I all needed to create my journal. The quality is amazing! Worth it!

Thomas Riddle

This is the vintage journal that I have been dreaming of! Thank you Stationery Pal for releasing such beauty. The set has everything that I need. Worth the value!