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Tombow Eraser Dusty Color 2022 - Mono Eraser - Smoke Blue

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Tombow Erasers have earned a reputation for their products, and now they are releasing this limited-edition phthalate-free and latex-free Tombow Mono Dusty Series Eraser. The dusty colors will undoubtedly draw your attention. It gently erases errors while leaving no pencil smears. This series' erasers are all white and come with a protective paper sleeve in one of five colors: Smoke Blue, Olive Green, Old Rose Latte Beige, and Ash Brown.

- Soft plastic erasers
- Removes marks cleanly with little pressure and no paper damage
- Excellent for school, art, and general use

Size: 1.7 X 0.75 inch

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Ruth Remington

Another amazing product that made me super satisfied! Thank you Tombow and Stationery pal for this trendy and extraordinary Mono Eraser! I love how it meticulous erase pencil marks! I am an artist so my usage of erasers are high. I highly recommend this eraser. Worth the money!

The Perfect Eraser

Okay! Up until now I am still in awe. Just wow! Tombow is at it again - setting the highest standards! This eraser is my go-to when some sketches or lines have to be expunged. Gladly, this mono eraser erases the pencil marks flawlessly! Best part is this eraser is phthalate-free and latex-free avoiding health issues. This probably the safest and best erase one can have! A must buy!

Klein Oatrun
100% Convenient

As an architect, the Tombow Mono Eraser saved me many times. Sketches have to be clean and no pencil smears. This is the only eraser I will ever buy! This eraser erase easily and completely. No more residual black marks and no other eraser can surpass this one!

Ludwig Ledger

Looked for an eraser that left no smears, or smudges! What a product! The fact that is not made with a natural rubber latex is a huge points for me! Tombow is truly high-end. Highly recommended!