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Tombow Kieiro Pit Neon Yellow Glue Stick - Yellow

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Delightful "Neon Yellow" KIEIRO Pit can easily see where applied. The color disappears when dry. "KIEIRO Pit" is now available in "Neon Yellow"!
The bright neon yellow glue color is easy to see to apply glue evenly and cleanly. There are three body colors to choose from to match the "pencil case contents" and the "image around the desk".
Neon Yellow "Color Disappearing" glue is easy to see when applying neon yellow glue, and there is no mess due to excess gluing or peeling due to no glue. When the glue dries, the glue color becomes invisible.
There are two Neon Yellow Glues with limited edition patterns. 2 delightful limited editions, "Limited Edition Blue" and "Limited Edition Pink."
The Neon Yellow Glue are environmentally friendly products. It conforms to the Law on Promoting Green Purchasing and GPN eco-friendly products net.
How to use
Extend the glue from the holder by 3 to 4 mm before use. Avoid over-extending the glue as it may not retract.
Precaution for Use
・ Be sure to cap after use.
・ Avoid using or storing in high-temperature areas.
・ If paper peels off too quickly, please apply more glue.
・ After applying glue, affix paper immediately. Otherwise, the glue may dry out and not adhere.
・Characters may disappear depending on the paper quality, such as receipts (thermal paper).
・ Photos may be discolored depending on the storage conditions.