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Uni-Ball One Gel Pen - Limited Edition - 0.38 mm - Apple Gum

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The Uni-Ball One Gel Pen is well-known for its simple and sleek design, which comes in a variety of ink colors! This time, it's a limited-edition gel ink pen!

The gel ink used contains large pigment particles that remain on the surface of the paper rather than being absorbed by it. The ink dries quickly and does not bleed! Believe me, it can improve your writing experience and is great for taking notes.

· Vibrant, pigment-based ink is characteristic dries quickly and resists bleeds.
· Simple and comfortable plastic barrels can help you write more efficiently.
· The firm rubber grip section is suitable for long-term use.

Tip Size: 0.38 mm
Ink Color: Apple Gum
Size: 139 mm / 5.5 inch

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Ruoqin Yang
Really good pen

The body is really pretty and clean, my only gripe is that the pen ink is a little translucent but that's a preference thing. Super smooth, definitely would recommend.

Valeria Ray
Satisfied customer here!

It is a great value for the money. The pen glide smoothly and the ink comes out well. Another great feature about this is it does not smudge. I have use other pens that have scratched my paper, but this one doesn't! Great pen.

Via Hamilton
I super love this one!

The design is unique and attractive. The white pen body with the color accent makes this pen set look really great. As for the actual writing, the colors all come out reasonably well and vibrant. If I compare them to other gel pens I've used this do stand out. For the most part, I've no problem writing with this pen.

Queency Roe

Sheesh! My go to and a must have for heavy highlighter fanatics like myself. This pen doesn't smudge no matter the brand of highlighter and dries quickly. Super fine, the color is invented to another level. Love it!

Matteo G
Great great pen indeed!

This is wonderfully color dense and not scratchy .This is a very high quality, very fine line ballpoints with good and saturated colored ink. useful and fun. Really good value for money!