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Uni-Ball One Gel Pen - Limited Edition - 0.38 mm - Gyokuro

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The Uni-Ball One Gel Pen is well-known for its simple and sleek design, which comes in a variety of ink colors! This time, it's a limited-edition gel ink pen!

The gel ink used contains large pigment particles that remain on the surface of the paper rather than being absorbed by it. The ink dries quickly and does not bleed! Believe me, it can improve your writing experience and is great for taking notes.

· Vibrant, pigment-based ink is characteristic dries quickly and resists bleeds.
· Simple and comfortable plastic barrels can help you write more efficiently.
· The firm rubber grip section is suitable for long-term use.

Tip Size: 0.38 mm
Ink Color: Gyokuro
Size: 139 mm / 5.5 inch

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Mavy Folklore

Ah yes, the one that I am looking for. Uni-ball once again did not disappoint! Gyokuro, of all the shades this one stood out. Makes me want to get my tea and write with it while nature sings to me! I love this pen a lot that I want to gatekeep it but I can't hahahaha. Thank you Stationery pal and Uni-ball!

Remarkable pen

The best that I ever have. I added more to my cart just in case! I thought it was just an accustomed green color well I am wrong because the shade is pretty unique. I like how it writes fluidly on my journal and how it gives a charming experience that makes my writing exceptional. The pen avoid smearing so everything is perfect! Very comfy too


Gyokuro captivates my attention and when I received the product, I am amaze yonder. Not that the color is marvelous, the pen is all premium. It doesn't tarnish the paper and it does not bleed. The pen is comfortable to use and it is good for any type of notes you want to write down.

Wondrously enchanting

There are many variety of green, and this gyokuro is one of the expensive shades that you can see. It is enchanting and tantalizing! For green tea lovers out there, this might fit your taste. It's always nice to drink tea while writing -specially when your writing content is about spirituality and immortality! This is perfectly perfect for that!