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Uni-Ball One Gel Pen - Limited Edition - 0.5 mm - Twilight Purple

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The Uni-Ball One Gel Pen is well-known for its simple and sleek design, which comes in a variety of ink colors! This time, it's a limited-edition gel ink pen!

The gel ink used contains large pigment particles that remain on the surface of the paper rather than being absorbed by it. The ink dries quickly and does not bleed! Believe me, it can improve your writing experience and is great for taking notes.

· Vibrant, pigment-based ink is characteristic dries quickly and resists bleeds.
· Simple and comfortable plastic barrels can help you write more efficiently.
· The firm rubber grip section is suitable for long-term use.

Tip Size: 0.5 mm
Ink Color: Twilight Purple
Size: 139 mm / 5.5 inch

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

All I can say is this twilight inked pen is excellent! To all purple lovers out there, this is the perfect pen for you. Not just the pretty color, but the quality it offers to use is great value. It writes smoothly, it is comfy, and man all about this pen is a hundred percent amazing!

Liana Spencer
Great quality pen

The simple and sleek design is the a good idea. The ink dries quickly and does not bleed that is 99% great! And it does improve my writing coz I hate to write when pens are low quality. Not anymore with this one. It is relaxing to hold because other pens are uneasy to write with. I recommend this one! The ink color is beautiful

Margaret Feliz

Had the privilege of trying out this. The quality is fabulous! I love purple and tried this particular ink color and let me tell you, it is the most daring color I have seen. It writes smoothly and it is very comfy to handle unlike some that is making my hand cramp for hours of writing.

Rachel Yu

I LOVE the twilight purple so much because I'm this I-love-purple person! If you like quality pen, you will not be disappointed. I recommend this pen to those who love to write their diaries or poems, because this is very pretty. It doesn't blotch too so everything is perfectly fine!

Elaiza Soprano
Appealing pen :))

Once again Uni-ball knocks it out of the park with this gel ink pen! You will get a nice elegant opportunity to write as small as possible or with the grace that the Uni-ball offers. One of the prettiest colors too!