Versatile Stationery Pouch - Purple

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Too many writing instruments in your pencil case? You should get a versatile pouch to contain all of your stationery that can be classified and organized more scientifically.

- Large capacity and a thick base
It can carry about 70 pens at once and doubles as a phone holder in addition to holding other stationery like highlighters, gel pens, notebooks, erasers, compasses, etc. The 45 mm base's size is thick enough, allowing for a stand and large capacity.

- Visualization of internal compartments
When you open the pouch, you'll see a separate, transparent inside pencil case that may keep small objects as well as four grid sections for everyday stationery. The regular items can be stored in the central compartment.

- Design of magnetic snap fasteners
The pouch's back side features a magnetic snap fastener. It is simple to open and close. The pouch can stand on a table when it is fastened.

Size: 220 mm × 45 mm × 160 mm / 8.7 inch X 1.8 X 6.3 inch

Customer Reviews

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Suzzanne Young
A must have! ♥️

What I appreciate most about my stationery pouch is the smart organization it offers. With multiple compartments, I can neatly separate my pens, markers, and other supplies. No more rummaging through a messy bag to find what I need!

Ivy Pana
I love it ♡

I'm extremely pleased with this stationery pouch. It's a practical and stylish solution for keeping my stationery items organized, and it has definitely made my work life more efficient.

Cassey Western

I appreciate the thoughtful design of this stationery pouch. The zipper closure ensures that nothing falls out, and the sturdy handle makes it convenient to carry around. I highly recommend this stationery pouch for travel. It's compact enough to fit into a bag or backpack without taking up too much space, yet it holds all my essentials securely! Plus, it's purple!!! <3


Love the stationery pouch! It's compact yet spacious enough to hold all my essentials in one place. This versatile stationery pouch is a must-have for students and professionals alike. It keeps everything neatly organized, preventing pens and other small items from getting lost in bags or drawers.

Sharon Sy
Highly recommended!

This stationery pouch is a game-changer for keeping my desk organized. It has multiple compartments that make it easy to find and access my pens, pencils, and other supplies! The quality of this stationery pouch is excellent. The material feels durable and the stitching is top-notch. :)