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Zebra bLen 3C 3 Color Ballpoint Multi Pen - 0.5 mm - Blue Green

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Enjoy an extraordinarily stress-free writing experience with the Zebra bLen multi-pen. Created in collaboration with Sato Oki—an internationally celebrated Japanese Canadian designer—the bLen is not just beautiful to look at. It has been carefully engineered to eliminate all the little rattles and vibrations that can distract us from writing and inflict unnecessary stress and frustration. The name is inspired by the Japanese word burenai, which means "non-vibrating."

Three colors of smooth and vibrant emulsion ballpoint ink.
Extra-large slide button for the black ink component, which is the most commonly used color.
"Direct Touch" tip design that cushions the writing tip to eliminate uncomfortable vibrations.
"Noise Free" body design ensures moving parts fit tightly together and do not rattle during use.
A low center of gravity makes the pen more stable and easy to control.
Rubber grip section that allows for a relaxed, stress-free grip.

Tip Size: 0.5mm
Body color: Blue Green
Components: 3 Inks
Pre-Installed Ink Color: Black, Blue, Red

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Unique Maddyl
Spot on!

This sung beautifully! The blue green is divine and the color components all writes flawlessly! It is indeed rattle-free and noise-free which is a big plus for me!

Sienna Kade
A triumph!

Not a fan of 0.5mm tip, but this one is exceptional! I am not disappointed with the product I purchased due to its wonderful features and elements. Really high-quality!

Archer Dean
Well-timed and commodious enough!

Very smooth, very fine, and solid line. I use it for drawing and it is very reliable. I'm going to get another one for my smaller kit as well as a .07 refill. Amazing! I am obsessed with the color because it is really relaxing to look at. Here's to more!!!

Exciting and sensational!

I have been drawing for decades with old-school ballpoint, and wished for a replacement with acid-free, lightfast ink. I love the Zebra bLen! I have found my new companion for sketching and writing academic works. I wasn't expecting a very fine line, but this ".5" tip makes wonderfully fine lines, with a light touch, comfyyyy!