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Zebra Mildliner Double-Sided Highlighter Limited Edition Set - Fine / Bold - Mineralogy

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Introducing the Zebra Mildliner Double-Sided Limited Edition Mineralogy Set. It comes with a 1.0–1.4 mm thin nib and a 4.0 mm thick nib, which not only can draw thin lines used as marking, but also can draw thick lines used as painting. The color of the highlighter body matches the ink color

· Double-ended featuring bullet and chisel tip
· Ideal for hand lettering and creative applications
· Mild water-resistant ink is translucent and excellent for layering
· Doesn't bleed through
· AP-certified non-toxic

Mineralogy set includes 3 colors: Mild Blue Green, Mild Magenta, Mild Red

Customer Reviews

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Chant Lim

Zebra Mildliner Double-Sided Highlighter Limited Set - Fine Bold - Mineralogy Set brings a good value for your money since the combo includes three pieces of no-bleed highlighters. Fine tips and has double-ended tips that suits whatever preferences made. Colors are satisfying!

Super glad I bought this set! 💘

This set is known for their smear-proof properties, and I can say that they are true to their promise. They dry up easily and don’t streak when you run your hands over the shaded part of the paper’s surface. Best of all, it doesn’t bleed for most paper types unless you are using extra thin paper.

Long the third

This set is one of the longest-lasting highlighters I have ever used. That is mainly because there are three markers included but also because it has a lot of ink volume. The best!

Donna Delvin
Super ultra mega fine! ★★★

The size and shape of this product are comfortable to hold, unlike other thick and flat markers out there. They are convenient to use and great for studying for hours. Highly recommended!