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Zebra Sarasa R Gel Ink Pen - 0.4 mm - Green

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SARASA R is recommended for writing notes that are "clean" and "easy to see". The ink is 27% darker than conventional black ink! !!
There is a need among students to make important points stand out in dark colors when writing in a notebook. Sarasa R uses ink that allows you to write even darker and more vivid than conventional products.
By writing with a ballpoint pen equipped with dark ink while maintaining a smooth writing feel, you can create a beautiful and easy-to-read notebook.
It is a product that makes you feel positive even if you are struggling to maintain your motivation due to increased study at home. By using different colors according to the subject and what you write, you can make important points stand out.
The body is based on white and has a simple design that is easy to match with other study items. The ink color is expressed on the knock part and part of the clip, making it easy to distinguish even in the pencil case or pen stand.
Tip Size: 0.4 mm
Length: 140mm / 5.5 inches
Colors: Green