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A shining, shimmering, splendid *wink*

A shining, shimmering, splendid *wink*

Did that inspire you to sing, “A Whole New World”? Well, the product that we will be talking about will definitely show you a whole new dimension that you could explore for your calligraphy and arts!

The Kuretake ZIG Wink of Luna is not your ordinary brush pen. What makes it stand out? Or should we say, what makes it “outshine” the others? *wink wink*

The Wink of Luna uses a shiny, metallic, water-based ink that will add a magical touch to your artistic expression! With a nylon brush tip, you are free to switch from thin to thick strokes with ease and control. The ink is photo-safe, acid-free, lightfast, odorless, and Xylene-free. It is also waterproof when dried, so don’t ya worry!

If you are not sure where to use the Wink of Luna, here are two things that you could try:

Calligraphy. Make your strokes pop and shine! You can use the Wink of Luna on any of your calligraphy stints, but for the best results, try it on colored papers such as black and brown! It will also work wonderfully on white papers. Another great thing about the Wink of Luna is that it does not bleed through pages, so even if you use it on white papers and add layers of different colors, you’re good to go.

Drawings, outlines, finishing touches. You can add a new dimension to your artworks by adding metallic details on them! You may also add highlights on the outlines of your sketches for finishing touches.

To use the Wink of Luna, simply remove the black ring at the middle of the pen. Then put the top half back on the body and secure it tightly. You will hear a clicking sound which ensures that it is already in place. Then remove the cap (the colored portion) and hold the brush downward. This will allow the ink to flow to the direction of the brush. Gently squeezing the barrel (the white portion) to control the ink flow. Then after you use the brush pen, make sure to put the cap back on and store it uprightly. Easy, right? You got it!

Now give yourself a magical favor and get your own Wink of Luna Brush Pen! It is available in Silver, Gold, Copper, Metallic Violet, Metallic Red, Metallic Green, Metallic Blue, Metallic Black, and Metallic Light Green. Just head onto StationeryPal store and use the discount code “Birthday18” to get it for 18% off!

Happy writing!

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