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Unlock 18% off sitewide with code "PARTY18"
Enjoy 50% off selected items using code "SPBD50"
Stack multiple discount codes at cart to maximize your savings!
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Autumn Clearance Sale Part One

Autumn Clearance Sale Part One

There's Nothing Better Than Autumn Days! In order to make everyone happy, Stationery Pal created a wind-blowing sale! We have some amazing products for you to choose from at Stationery Pal for the lowest prices.

StickersStickers are fun, versatile, and easy to use. They are also portable, allowing you to take them anywhere and use them for a quick activity. You can put them on the fridge, mirror, laptop, or in your journal. You can get these beautiful stickers here on Stationery Pal

Washi TapesWashi tape is a multifunctional masking tape that can be used in journals, artwork, cards, and other projects. It's ideal for decorating paper, making borders, or being used directly as adhesive tape. Washi tape provides a wide range of applications in art, craft, and DIY projects. When it comes to washi tape, Stationery Pal has a variety of options. All of the designs and patterns of washi tape will definitely capture your attention. Here are some of the top washi tapes available from Stationery Pal.

PensWe all use the pen for our day-to-day activities. It helps us express our thoughts, ideas, and emotions. Stationery Pal offers you these different types of pens that you can use in your daily life. Plus, these amazing pens are sure to fit your budget since we have autumn discounts going on.


This pencil features a "MONO Eraser" and a "shake-mechanism." There is no need to let go and re-grip your pencil whenever extending the lead. Just shake the pencil up and down! 

Gel PensThe Uniball series uses vibrant, pigment-based ink that dries quickly and is bleed-resistant. The pen barrel is indeed a classic white design. It also has a firm rubber grip section and a wire clip that opens widely to allow the pen to be attached to a notebook or book. There are also different color sets available that will surely suit your preferences.


Zebra Sarasa R Gel Ink Pen - 0.4 mm - 7 Color Set
Is there such a thing as a smear-proof gel pen with a vibrant color payoff? Yes! Check all the boxes with this high-performing colored gel pen that features smooth ink flow, fast-drying qualities, and a comfortable grip. Zebra Sarasa R gel pens are great for frequent writers, left-handed people, and those who like to write with fast-drying ink.

Zebra Sarasa Deco Shine Metallic Pen - 0.5mm - 10 Color Set
These pens are designed with smooth owing water-based pigment writing gel ink that delivers a smooth, consistent, and long-lasting writing experience without thickening or bleeding. It is conveniently designed with a soft, lightweight barrel with soft, contoured rubber, providing a comfortable grip and feel for the ultimate writing experience without hand fatigue or irritation. It is perfect for everyday writing use at home, school, or work. The pen is more colorful and metallic when writing on black paper.

Pilot Kese Lamé Frixion Pen Winter Edition


The Pilot Kese Lamé Frixion Pen Winter Edition now comes with erasable, sparkling ink! An interesting feature of the Kese Lamé is its glittery pigment ink, and the best part of it is the top "eraser," which is softer than the original eraser and does an excellent job of erasing the sparkling pigment. The best thing about this Winter Edition Pilot Kese Lamé Frixion Pen is that it can be used on both black and white paper. It is versatile in both colors, providing you with many ideas for your journals, planners, or any other art project you have in mind.

  • Pilot Kese Lamé Frixion Pen Winter Edition - 0.7 mm - Lamé Silver
  • Pilot Kese Lamé Frixion Pen Winter Edition - 0.7 mm - Lamé Violet 
  • Pilot Kese Lamé Frixion Pen Winter Edition - 0.7 mm - Lamé Blue 
  • Pilot Kese Lamé Frixion Pen Winter Edition - 0.7 mm - Lamé Green 
  • Pilot Kese Lamé Frixion Pen Winter Edition - 0.7 mm - Lamé Gold 
  • Pilot Kese Lamé Frixion Pen Winter Edition- 0.7 mm - Lamé Pink

    Sailor Shikiori Dual Tip Calligraphy Brush Pen - 20 Color SetA new collection of 20 brush pens perfectly match the colors of the Shikiori bottled ink range. There are 20 ink colors in total, five colors each for spring, summer, autumn, and winter, which are images of the four seasons of Japan. Sailor's Shikiori "Four Seasons" inks feature vibrant and unique colors inspired by the natural beauty of Japan's changing seasons. These double-sided brush pens feature the same ink colors as the Shikiori fountain pen inks, with expressive felt tips perfect for artwork and calligraphy. The brush tips are covered by caps accented with the ink color, while smaller caps on the ends come off to reveal fine marker tips.

    The Sun-star Ninipie Marker Pen & HighlighterThis pen is a highlighter and fineliner marker in one! Unlike double-sided pens, which require switching sides and recapping to use, the Ninipie's highlighter chisel tip and fineliner are ideally placed on one end. These unique pens are great for color coding. The tip of the highlighter is a soft pastel color, while the fineliner is a slightly darker shade of a color that matches or goes with the highlighter. The two tips are located conveniently right next to each other. Highlight with one side of your tip, and rotate the pen in your hand when you need to write or underline. It not only saves time but also saves space in your pencil case since you don't need to carry around a lot of colored pens and highlighters!





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