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Autumn Clearance Sale Part Three

Autumn Clearance Sale Part Three

Harry Potter Limited Edition Notebook - B5
  • Want to relive the special moments in Harry Potter with your own stationery? Don't miss this limited edition notebook of Nakabayashi x Harry Potter! 


Stationery Pal Bullet Journal Set - Rainbow Pride

Rainbow serves as a symbol to celebrate and show support for members of the LGBTQ+ community. Everyone is welcome to participate in the celebration of love, regardless of whether they consider themselves to be LGBTQ+ or to be allies of the community. It's not just rainbow flags and rainbow-colored parades that comprise Pride Month. In fact, it's a way to acknowledge and appreciate the challenges that LGBTQ+ people have had to endure. So we offer you this Colorful set that represents love and pride. Everything included in this collection is something that you can do or make to support LGBTQ+ community. All of the colorful products collectively represent the pride of the LGBTQ+ community. If you have a friend or family that is one of them, you can share your support by giving them this colorful set. It can be an effective and powerful voice for equality, supporting LGBTQ+ people in feeling comfortable coming out and helping others appreciate the necessity of fairness and equality for all individuals. Let us spread love and happiness, so get this colorful set and express our feelings loud and proud!

9 items:

  1. Rainbow Metal Chain Bookmark
  2. Daily Sticker Pack
  3. Stationery Pal Original Stickers - LGBT+
  4. Rainbow Bear Sticky Notes
  5. Zebra Rainbow Retractable Gel Pen 0.5mm
  6. Gingham Polka Dot Decorative Masking Washi Tape - Rainbow - A
  7. Gingham Polka Dot Decorative Masking Washi Tape - Rainbow - B
  8. Gingham Polka Dot Decorative Masking Washi Tape - Rainbow - C
  9. Gingham Polka Dot Decorative Masking Washi Tape - Rainbow - D

Stationery Pal Bullet Journal Set - Little Twin Stars

The colors blue and pink have always been an adorable match. Inspired by the Japanese cartoon Little Twin Stars, we carefully chose the identical stationery in these two colors and made them a set. Imagine using only these two colors in your bullet journal would definitely create a great color theme for your next-month bujo plan.

13 Items:

  1. Plus Air-In Mount Fuji Eraser Gift Box Specification - Set of 2 - Sora
  2. Gingham Washi Tape - Pink
  3. Gingham Washi Tape - Blue
  4. Pink Stapler + Staples
  5. Blue Stapler + Staples
  6. Kokuyo Mark+ Dual Tone Highlighter - Pink
  7. Kokuyo Mark+ Dual Tone Highlighter - Blue
  8. Circle Sticky Notes - Pink
  9. Circle Sticky Notes - Blue
  10. Schneider Fave Gel Ink Pen - Red - Black Ink
  11. Schneider Fave Gel Ink Pen - Sky Blue - Black Ink
  12. Kokuyo Ruler 15 cm - Pink
  13. Kokuyo Ruler 15 cm - Blue

Zebra Sarasa Limited Edition Pocket Monsters Set - 0.5mmFor all the Pokemon fans out there, The Limited Edition Sarasa Pocket Monster set is the best gel pen for you. Aside from a well-designed body with a comfy rubber grip, it writes smoothly which allows you to be consistent with your strokes. Its ink formula was made to be one of the finest gel ink pens. It is smear-free so you’ll never have to worry about smudges. This will be perfect for taking down notes and creating journals.

Zebra Sarasa Doraemon Clip Gel Pen

One of the most favorite characters in the world came up with this beautiful limited edition of Zebra Sarasa Doraemon Clip Gel Set Pens. Each barrel has a cute Doraemon design with light pastel colors. It has a fantastic ink color: Cobalt blue, Red, Blue-green, and Black. It comes with an alligator clip that can be used to attach the pen to different types of notebooks. These knock-type pens make it easy and more comfortable to use. A spot of high-quality ink and a 0.4mm tip will surely provide a smooth, neater, and consistent line.

Platinum x Harry Potter Limited Edition Little Shooting Star Fountain Pen - Fine Nib - Hufflepuff

This Harry Potter fountain pen set is packaged in a gift box with the Hufflepuff's theme color, it includes an octagonal design Platnum fine nib pen, a postcard of the Hufflepuff, and five ink cartridges.
The color scheme of the pen is also following the Hufflepuff's colors, and the cap is glossy black with the Hufflepuff's logo printed in gold. The body of the pen is following the main color of Hufflepuff, with the word Harry Potter and Hufflepuff printed in gold on it. This fountain pen comes with a winged steel fine nib with a little shooting star and a letter P that represent the brand Platinum.
This fountain pen has a spectacularly good ink flow. Also, there is a cap liner in the cap to stop the nib from drying out. The translucent smoky section is girthy with plenty of room for fingers to move up and down.
Overall, there are many nice details in this set which is a very nice and suitable set for collection.

Simply enter the promo code "LOVEFALL22" 🌻 upon checkout to enjoy the benefits of this wonderful discount! This sale starts on October 15-October 31, 2022. Take advantage of this amazing deal.🤗

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