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Stationery Essential For Back To School Season

Stationery Essential For Back To School Season

One of the great joys of back to school is shopping for stationery. In this blog article, we'll go over our back-to-school stationery shopping list to ensure you have everything you need before your first class begins.

Stationery Pal has the best back-to-school sale right now, with discounts ranging from 18% to 45% off all of our products. Get your best deal today!

Check out these fantastic new Stationery Pal products that will undoubtedly suit into your new school year!

1. Cartoon Transparent Pouch - Bear  $1.50 USD

This Cartoon Transparent Pouch is printed with a unique and adorable bear and is the ideal size to meet your different needs and arrange your small belongings, as well as being easy to carry and store without taking up much space. This pouch is waterproof as it is made of high-quality plastic, but keep in mind that the zipper closure is not. It has a smooth zipper to keep objects from slipping out and is simple to open and close. It's great for organizing little objects such as cosmetics, stationery, cell phones, glasses, cash, keys, credit cards, and other items. It is functional, attractive, and eye-catching, and it may be presented as a gift for this coming school year.

Size: 12.5 X 8 X 20 cm / 4.92 X 3.15 X 7.87 inch

2. Bear & Bunny Gel Pen - 0.5mm - Set of 6  $1.70 USD

The Kawaii Bear & Bunny Gel Pen Set is durable, long-lasting, and easy to write with. Even after a long period of usage, premium rollerball ink dries rapidly with no bleed, leak, smearing, smudging, or globs. These acid-free, non-toxic gel pens will meet all of your daily writing, marking, and signature needs. This is a fantastic option for everyday use. It will help you keep your work neat and organized. The gel pens have a fine point for smooth writing. The nib of the black gel pen is held with a wax seal to prevent ink from leaking due to bumps in transit, and the pen's body is safeguarded from harm by a plastic box.

Size: 144 mm / 5.7 inch

Nib: 0.5 mm

Color: Black

3. Acrylic Paper Clip - Cyan $0.70 USD

The Acrylic Expression Bulldog Clip features a one-of-a-kind emotion design that will brighten your day. It has the ability to call attention to notes, reminders, and other things. It is perfect for organizing document folders and makes color-coding papers easier.

4. Heart Memo Pad $ 0.80 USD

The memo pad with grid pages has a wonderful aesthetic border that adds to its elegance. This memo pad is perfect for jotting down daily plans, market lists, or even weekly plans, and also reminders. With a comprehensive list at a glance, this helpful gridded pad makes documenting or organizing your day-to-day easier. It's both functional and fashionable! The easy-to-tear sheets of this writing pad allow you to take your lists with you wherever you go. With tear-free grid pages, this memo pad is the perfect combination for any home, business, or classroom.

Size: 100 x 130 mm / 4 X 5 inch

Quantity: 30 sheets

5. Animal Spiral Notebook $0.80 USD

Having a notebook on hand at all times is really helpful, whether you are a writer, a student, or simply someone who has a lot of creative ideas. You can use a notebook to make to-do lists, manage activities, remember appointments, write down ideas, or take notes on any subject at any time. What are the advantages of using our spiral notebook? It's a wire-bound notebook that can be used for work or school. It's ideal for meeting and lecture notes, and it's tiny enough to carry around with you. The spiral journal notebooks are compact enough to be carried in bags, purses, backpacks and totes. The innovative design of the flat notebook allows you to write without any discomfort. The covers of this writing notebook are made of durable craft paper that will not tear over time.

Size: 7.5 X 12 cm / 3 x 5 inch

Quantity: 40 sheets / 80 pages

6. Transparent Ruler - 20 cm - Picnic $ 0.50USD

When you need to measure something, this charming Cartoon Transparent Ruler can help. This ruler is manufactured of tough acrylic and has a smooth, sturdy function that can endure prolonged use, making it excellent for school and craft projects. The pattern does not extend over the markings, allowing you to clearly see the numbers and easily measure anything that is employed for measuring and drawing straight lines. This acrylic ruler is the perfect back-to-school accessory!

Size: 21 X 4 cm / 8 X 2 inch

7. Oil Painting Landscape Memo Pad - Night $0.50 USD

The Oil Pastel Landscape Memo Pad is composed of high-quality paper, which makes it both sturdy and easy to write on. It's ideal for jotting down important information on the go. It can be used to take quick notes or create flashcards. It has a oil painting cover that is both creative and functional for keeping your notebook clean. It is suitable for memos, notes, shopping lists, and to-do lists. The steel ring binder that it includes enables the memo pad to be attached to your bag, purse, or backpack.

Size: 7 x 7 cm / 3 X 3 inch

Quantity: 80 sheets

8. Cartoon Washi Tape - Bear - Yellow $0.50 USD

Decorate your journals and scrapbooks with this Cartoon Washi Tape. Washi tape is a form of tape that can be quickly placed on, ripped off, and relocated to a different location—especially when it's used for decorating pen holders, phone cases, and desks. Use your imagination; every place can be a creative paradise!

Size: 1.5 cm X 5 m / 1 X 20 inch

9. Mini Scissor - White $0.40 USD

The Minimalist Style Scissor is a lightweight tool for DIY craft creation. It is made of stainless steel, is resistant to rust and corrosion, and provides long-term durability and sturdiness. When not in use. The top of the scissors has a rounded edge for safety. The scissors are small, compact, and portable, making them ideal for keeping in a small bag. Suitable for office and school supplies.

Length: 6 cm / 2 inch

10. Soft Color Highlighter Pen - Set of 4 - Pink $3.50 USD

The Highlighter Pen Set, which includes four slanted highlighters, can draw 1 mm or 5 mm thick lines, and is both versatile and reasonably priced. The upright cap design allows it to stand straight on tables without slipping to the floor. Additionally, highlighters' color representation is suitable for taking notes, painting, and decorating journals.

Color: purple, pink, light pink, violet red

Size: 9.5 X 2 X 15 cm / 4 X 1 X 6 inch

Pen length: 125 mm / 5 inch

11. Oil Painting Sticky Notes - Moon $0.50 USD

The Oil Pastel Sticky Notes are made of high-quality paper, making them long-lasting and easy to write on. The design is unique, and the colors are gorgeous. It can function as a to-do list as well as a decorative piece for desktops, fridges, walls, and other surfaces. The quantity is sufficient for daily use. You can use it to create memos, messages, notes, shopping lists, and to-do lists. These sticky notes can be attached to any smooth surface.

Size: 8 x 8 cm / 3 X 3 inch

Quantity: 80 sheets

12. Plus MR2 Mini Correction Tape - Blue $1.8 USD

MR2 correction tapes now come in mini versions! It can be stored in a small organizer or pen case. The new Advanced Mini Roller Head is sturdy and can apply overlapping layers of tape without scratching the previous corrected area. It is a two-way correction as well. Pull for a whole sentence, push for a single letter. With a neat finish, correct the exact spot you desire to correct. The refills are entirely compatible with MR2 refill tape. Refill cartridges are easily removed and inserted, resulting in reduced plastic waste.

It also devised a simple solution for loose tape: the tape winding mechanism. The sliding head function ensures that the tape is instantly ready for an excellent performance by tightening the tape around the tip in a single motion. Loose tape is no longer a problem. Any loose tape may be quickly rolled back using the convenient sliding mechanism. Since there is no cap to remove, you will not worry about losing it.

External Dimensions: W22×D74×H26mm

Color: Blue

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