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🏳️‍🌈Celebrate Pride Month With A Free Zebra Rainbow Gel Pen
The Innovative Zebra Sarasa Nano 0.3mm

The Innovative Zebra Sarasa Nano 0.3mm


The Sarasa Nano is the newest 0.3 mm gel pen series from the Zebra Sarasa collection. The Nano gel pen aims to be an ultra-fine gel pen without sacrificing writing smoothness. It employs a novel technology known as "Urufuwa Cushion," which allows the metal tip of the pen to move and bounce with you as you write, ensuring a solid writing experience. The mechanism also prevents scratchiness.

The pen body has a minimalist design with a matte finish, and the barrel color matches the ink color of the pen: a white spring-loaded push clip and knock button with a comfortable rubber grip. Sarasa ink is acid-free, water-resistant, and archival quality.

Did you know that Zebra Sarasa Nano won the colored pen award? Yes, that's true! It's one of the 2022 Japan Stationery Awards. Sarasa is a ballpoint pen series introduced by Zebra in 2000. The total sales volume had reached 800 million by September 2020, and it has now become one of the most favorite pens in the world!

Do you want to know more about Urufuwa Cushion? It's a spring attached to the pen's top. The refill goes up and down in response to the amount of pressure applied to the paper, and the spring absorbs the clicking sounds made when writing. This cushioning provides an extraordinarily smooth writing experience, avoiding the scratchiness that often happens with a fine pen. But this Sarasa Nano pen ultra-fine can produce a crisp, smooth, and exquisite line. The pen is unlikely to get snagged on the paper, so that the ink flow will be consistent. Also, the metal nib design makes it easy to see the writing point.

The SARASA Nano has a matted pen body, a dual-colored knock, and a solid spring-loaded pen clip as standard features. It provides visible color vibrancy as well as a flowing ink experience. When combined with Rapid Dry Ink (RDI) technology, it creates an enjoyable and comfortable experience, whether you are writing or drawing. It dries in about a second on most surfaces, making it an excellent choice for left-handed users. Additionally, it features a rubber grip that is the same color as the pen's barrel.

Say goodbye to smudges and smears.

Is it possible to find a smear-proof gel ballpoint pen with brilliant color? Yes! Check all the boxes with this high-performance colored gel ballpoint pen, which has a smooth ink flow, quick-drying qualities, a comfortable grip, a wide barrel, and retractability. ZEBRA SARASA NANO is excellent for enthusiastic writers, lefties, and those who can't wait to make their point, thanks to its industry-leading fast-dry ink and smear-proof technology.

This pen features water-based pigment ink that is acid-free, archival quality, and water-resistant for a long-lasting impression. It also comes in different colors.

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Zebra Sarasa Nano 0.3mm



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