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The Sun-star Ninipie Marker Pen & Highlighter

The Sun-star Ninipie Marker Pen & Highlighter

Sun-Star is a Japanese stationery company, established in 1952. They are the official licensees of several famous characters, including Peanuts, Disney, and many others. Sun-star receives Good Design Award for three consecutive years. They are known for their unique stationery designs.

Now Stationery Pal has one of their famous creations, the Sun-star Ninipie Pen and Marker that will blow your mind. This is not a typical pen and marker that we always see. Let Stationery Pal show you what makes this product unique.

Sun-star Ninipie Pen and MarkerThis pen is a highlighter and fineliner marker in one! Unlike double-sided pens, which require switching sides and recapping to use, the Ninipie's highlighter chisel tip and fineliner are ideally placed on one end.

These unique pens are great for color coding. The tip of the highlighter is a soft pastel color, while the fineliner is a slightly darker shade of a color that matches or goes with the highlighter. The two tips are located conveniently right next to each other. Highlight with one side of your tip, and rotate the pen in your hand when you need to write or underline. It not only saves time, but also saves space in your pencil case since you don't need to carry around a lot of colored pens and highlighters!


Featuring a white barrel made of high-quality plastic material, this Ninipie pen and marker has a simple yet elegant design. On its barrel, there is also a dot mark that emphasizes the color of the highlighter and fineliner. The translucent cap provides easy identification of the pen's color.

It is not only the appearance that will impress you but the quality as well since Sun-star utilizes high-quality water-based ink. It is also equipped with a chisel tip with a 5mm nib size and a needle tip with a 0.5mm nib size.

The pen's size and weight are ideal for your hand grip, so you can write or highlight comfortably. It also has a clip-style cap for easy attachment to notebooks or folders.

Since the Sun-star has a unique style, they created this idea: one of the Ninipie pens has a different color combination, which is the green one that comes with an orange fineliner. Isn't it amazing?

Make the most of this limited-time offer and save more!


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