Things you need to know before getting clear stamps

by Stationery Pal Team on September 09, 2020

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1. How to properly maintain your clear stamps
Clear stamps are made of plastic which means they are cheap and light in weight but also can easily get damaged once exposed to heat. So keep in mind that the clear stamps need to be stored in a dry and cool place to keep them in perfect condition.

Make sure you keep them away from sunlight or appliances like hairdryers, irons, and so on. By storing them in clean and cool places, you can protect them from everyday wear and tear.


2. Getting stains- that's totally fine
Almost all the stamps get stained easily because of the plastic's transparent nature once there is the slightest alteration in color. However, there's no need to worry. Staining is natural when it comes to clear stamps. Clean your stamp regularly with a damp cloth after using it then you don't need to worry about the ink left behind. It's perfectly normal and will not alter your stamped images.

3.Preparing acrylic stamping handle in advance

Since there is no handle on clear stamps, we need help from the acrylic stamping handle to make stamps handier. The acrylic stamping handle is in a grid pattern and crystal clear so you can clearly see where you are stamping on your paper.

We recommend the acrylic stamping handle on our website. It has different shapes and sizes for you to choose, meaning hands of all sizes can get your perfect pick. To use them, just peel your clear stamp off the sheet, clean it with a damp cloth to remove any leftover ink, then dry and press onto the acrylic block. Then it's all good to go.

Hope the information above can be useful to you!

Author: Joe Wong