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What are the Benefits of Keeping a Journal?

What are the Benefits of Keeping a Journal?

Keeping a journal has recently gained popularity; therefore, it is time to look into the value of this habit. Let's keep things basic, and remember to feel free to use your ideas and do things your own way.

Whether you’re dealing with stress from school, burnout from work, an illness, or anxiety, journaling can help in many ways:

It can give you peace of mind.

Journaling about your feelings has been related to lower levels of mental distress. Researchers discovered that people with various medical illnesses and anxiety who did journaling for 15 minutes three days a week for 12 weeks had greater emotions of well-being and fewer depressive symptoms after one month. Throughout the 12 weeks of journaling, their mental health improved.

It brings awareness.

Writing down your thoughts and feelings regarding a challenging circumstance can help you better understand it. Putting emotion into words allows you to generate fresh ideas.

It controls emotions.

Brain scans of people who wrote about their feelings revealed that they had better emotional control. According to the findings of this study, writing about feelings in an artistic way was more relaxing than writing directly.

It promotes openness.

Writing privately about a stressful time may motivate some people to seek social support. This can help in emotional healing.

To begin a journal, you'll need a notebook, a writing tool, and a commitment to yourself. Then you can think about keeping a daily notebook! Use the journal to explore your own ideas and feelings.

Make it a habit. Choose a time of day that is suitable for you. It could be the first thing you do when you wake up or the final thing you do before bed.

Keep it simple.Keep it simple when you're first starting out. Set a timer for a few minutes of journaling.

Do what feels right to you.There are no rules that must be followed regarding what you should write. It's your space to do whatever you want to express yourself. Don't be worried about spelling, sentence structure, or what others might think. Do what feels right for you.

Use your imagination.You may be unsure where, to begin with, journaling or may be hesitant if you dislike writing. However, journaling does not have to be restricted to writing sentences. Try out different styles. Make a list, write some poetry, write a song, write a letter, draw some art, or try bullet journaling. You can also find journaling encouragement online to help you get started, like Stationery Pal or Pinterest

Begin keeping a gratitude journal.Giving thanks is good for your mental health. Start by listing three things for which you are grateful. These can be simple things like a stroll through the park, a delicious cup of coffee, or pleasant weather. You can either make a list or write complete sentences. Specifications can help you relive the highlights of your day.

Listed below are a few of our journal-friendly products.

1. Color Scheme Pen Set $ 7.80 USD - 11.90 USDThese pen sets are ideal for bullet journals since you don't have to worry about matching pens and highlighters. It comes in one color shade. If you want to begin bullet journaling or are already engaged in journaling, this type of pen set would be right for you.

2. Stationery Pal Bullet Journal Set $ 29.00 USD - $ 57.60 USDWe have here journal sets that are carefully hand-picked by Stationery Pal's in-house artist, dedicated to bringing you the simple joys and beauty of life while providing you with a wide range of stationery to create your piece of artwork.

3. Kokuyo Stationery Cat Limited Series Loose-leaf Notebook - B6 $ 3.20 USDThis adorable Kokuyo Stationery Cat Limited Series Loose-leaf Notebook is also available from Stationery Pal. The appearance of beautiful cat patterns can almost immediately draw everyone's attention. It will provide you with a unique and exciting experience!

4. Pentel Weezer Correction Tape $ 2.80 USDWhen it comes to journaling, everyone makes mistakes, which is why we offer this Pentel Weezer Correction Tape. This correction tape's hidden tip feature makes it dirt-resistant, giving you peace of mind that your corrections will look as clean as they did when you made them. This tape's pastel colors will make it an eye-catching addition to your stationery.

5. Washi Tape Set of 10 $ 2.40 USDDecorate your journals with these washi tapes. You can easily attach washi tape, peel it off, and move it to a different location. It is especially useful when decorating your bullet journal or notes. Be creative and use these washi tapes to express yourself.

6. Vintage Deco Scrapbooking Paper Kit  $ 3.00 USDWe found some new decorating paper kit bundles that are ideal for decorating your journal. This series features retro-style designs. If you like vintage style, these are must-haves.

We hope that Stationery Pal inspires you to write and express yourself through writing, as it will help you in your daily life and improve your mental health.

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