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Global Shipping Delays During The Pandemic Announcement

Due to the global Coronavirus pandemic, many shipping providers across the world have suspended their shipping service guarantee, which makes the shippings are unpredictable.

Stationery Pal has suspended our money-back guarantee in light of overall Coronavirus uncertainties effective immediately until further notice, we remain committed to providing timely and reliable service.

Please see the below article for details on explaining Why Are Shipping Delays During the Coronavirus Pandemic So Inconsistent?


Stationery Pal

10 July 2020

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Daniela - July 4, 2021

I don’t see Peru in your shipping list anymore, is this a permanente change or is it just do COVID? :(

alana ogunleye - July 4, 2021

Hi I have a question about shipping packages. I’m wondering where my package is and if my package will remain on pause till further notice,because i ordered my package about a month ago in June and i usually get worried about my packages if it’ll ever get to my home or not. Please write me back whenever you can.

Nemesis Orellana - July 4, 2021

Hello, I’m interested in making an international purchase, tell me the process please and if you have a catalog please provide it, it will be a wholesale purchase

Maria Grazia - July 4, 2021

Hacen envios a peru?

Cristina Jimenez - Martina Landabaso - July 4, 2021

I haven’t received yet my order!! :( How do I know where it is?
- Order: 16817
- Tracking Number: UF272444392YP
- “Correos” in Spain answered: “We inform you that although the code of your shipment PQ5KC90715720150108192B has been registered in our database, the shipment has not yet been deposited in our postal distribution network. We suggest that you contact the sender of the same to obtain information about your current situation.”

Martina Landabaso – Cristinajs@gmail.com

Emanuel González Díaz - July 4, 2021

Quería saber si por lo que está pasando es seguro que mi pedido llegará o no llegará? Y si no me llega que puedo hacer?

Maha - August 17, 2020

Hello, I would just like to say that your stationery is such good quality and is really affordable this shop is one of the only shops that has quality products, affordable and shipping is not a worry the delivery is like promised. I highly recommend this shop😊

Elizabeth - July 4, 2021
What happen with orders already made by us?
yuleimi - July 4, 2021

hola soy una estudigramer yuleimisnotes29 era para saber si puedo colaborar con ustedes por ejemplo subo el haul a instagram y los recomiendo pero con esto de covid no se…

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