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🎁New Packaging Box 2021 Winter

🎁New Packaging Box 2021 Winter

It's almost the end of 2021, and it's been a relatively long time since our last packaging upgrade, so let me introduce the four newest boxes of that were released in the fourth quarter of this year.✨

☁️The first one we used the style of children's storybooks, does it remind you of the textbooks from your kindergarten days? Blue sky, white clouds, apple trees, hills and flowers, all these elements witness our beginning of learning to draw. We wish that those who receive this box will always keep the childlike heart and remember where they started:

Stationery Pal Childlike 2021

🧩The second one we used is in the style of puzzle, each piece of the puzzle is printed with stationery we use every day, which includes a palette, washi tape, ruler, notebook and etc. This box represents our belief that stationery is an inseparable part of us, and each puzzle must be complete in order to express our true selves:

Stationery Pal Puzzle 2021

🎨The third one is a doodle + watercolor style, the irregular yellow in the middle represents the spilled watercolor paint, together with the doodle of hearts, stars, musical notes, triangles, circles and other elements. The waves above and below represent the opening stage curtains that bring out the colorful creation:

Stationery Pal Watercolor packaging box 2021

❤️Inspired by our 2022 color scheme, we made the fourth box in the form of a grid pattern, with white hearts as the frame, together with the flowers, hearts and stars doodle, we also changed the "o" in the word "stationery" into a heart to represent our love for stationery! We also brush lettered our slogan "All about stationery" on the box.

Stationery Pal Grid Packaging Box 2021

🎉We've started using all four boxes, let us know in the comments which one you like best!


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Angeles - December 13, 2021

Me encantan la de color amarillo y sobre todo la de cuadrícula azul.
Creo q son geniales.😍😍

Francis - December 13, 2021

omg they’re all super pretty!!! the blue, 2022 color scheme one is definitely my fave tho!! <3

Audry - December 13, 2021

My favorite box is definitely the yellow doodle + watercolor style! It makes me want to buy more stationery lol.

KS - December 13, 2021

I love numbers 3 and 4. They’re so cute! If I had to pick an absolute favorite it would be 4.

Hanna Hess - December 13, 2021

The blue one is my favorite! I think it would be great for the new year!

Griselda - December 13, 2021

Definitely box #3

Aurelia - December 13, 2021

They have such nice packaging

Elena - December 13, 2021

I love the new boxes! My favorite color is blue so I have to say that my favorite box is the children’s storybook one. It’s perfect for me as an infant teacher and with all that blue color💙

Charlene Roodt - December 13, 2021

I received my last order in the blue box. I absolutely loved it. It is beautiful and my favorite color is blue. Thank you for the love we share in Stationary.

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