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Milan Triangular Plastipastels - Set of 12

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The Milan Triangular Plastipastel comes with 10 plastipastel color pencils, eight of which are basic and two of which are fluorescent. The nib of the plastic pastel is triangular in form. It was developed using a new recipe that produced a smoother, more covering stroke. Plastipastel pencils are colored pencils that are durable, easy to clean, and great for kids. They fit perfectly in the hands of schoolchildren because of their triangular shape and rounded edges, which also prevent pencils from rolling across desks. Three different strokes can be employed with it: the tip can be used to draw thin lines, the end can be used to draw thick lines, and the entire pencil can be used to shade bigger regions.

Size: 153 mm X 107 mm X 9 mm / 6.02 inch X 4.2 inch X 0.4 inch

Customer Reviews

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I'm super happy, my kids are too!

My kids love this set! It is ideal for arts and school projects. The fact that it embodies safe materials makes me grateful! I don’t have to worry about my children’s safety. Thank you so much!

Chantal Kim

I love the versatility of the product. The fine lines can be drawn using the tip of the pencil, thick lines can be drawn using the end part and larger areas can be shaded using the entire length of the pencil.

Missy Elliott

I am a satisfied buyer! The Milan PlastiPastels are smoother and have more covering stroke, the set of pastels are clean and resistant, ideal for young children.