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Tearable Page Marker - Linen

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The ideal assistant for managing your notes is this one! It is every planner's gospel! Its basic idea is comparable to clicking a yes tick in a checkbox. 

Each tag comes in a pre-cut line with two different formations of "Finished" and "Unfinished". Stick it into your planner or to-do list page, once you've completed one of them, tear the edge of the tag off to show that you're done.

When you review your exam error notes, stick them and you will be able to count how many times you have gone over it. It can be also applied to your year planner, in addition to swiftly positioning the day plan, also can check your finished process. Expand your imagination and apply them in more study scenarios.

  • The tag surface can be written.
  • These tags are removable and re-stickable.
  • Each tag is approximately the size of 44 mm × 15 mm.
  • This pack includes 8 types of patterns, each type has 15 sheets, altogether 120 sheets.

Size: 65 mm × 150 mm / 2.6 inch × 6 inch

Customer Reviews

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Natalie Tszu
I recommend you to try!

The texture is so unique and adds a fun twist to my study routine. It's like having a little piece of fabric art in my books. The Tearable Page Marker - Linen is a game-changer! Not only do they help me stay organized, but they also bring a cozy and rustic feel to my study sessions. It's like wrapping my books in a warm blanket.

Khloe Sanderstorm

I never thought I'd say this about page markers, but the Tearable Page Marker - Linen is incredibly stylish! The linen texture adds a touch of elegance to my books and makes me feel like I'm reading in a high-end library. The Tearable Page Marker - Linen is perfect for those who appreciate the little details. The texture adds an extra layer of sensory delight, making studying a more tactile and enjoyable experience

Judeah Co
Superb! ✨

The Tearable Page Marker - Linen is a unique and trendy way to mark important pages. The linen texture gives my books a cozy and inviting feel, making me excited to dive back into my studies

Jacquee Franks
Must have! :>>

If you want to add a touch of fun to your reading materials, the Tearable Page Marker - Linen is a must-have! They're like little bookmarks with a fashion-forward twist. The Tearable Page Marker - Linen is a delightful surprise for my books. The texture not only looks great but also adds a tactile element that brings a whole new level of enjoyment to my study sessions.

Margaret Javier

I'm loving the Tearable Page Marker - Linen! They're a fun and stylish way to keep my books organized. Plus, the linen texture adds a playful and cozy touch to my reading materials.