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Tombow MONO Air 5 Correction Tape - Gradient Pink Body

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The correction tape is cherry blossom pink and has gradient effects.

The Tombow MONO Air 5 Correction Tape is now available! Each correction tape features light brushes over errors and errant marks, the errors can be completely covered. When the correction tape is used on the paper, Tombow's Air Touch mechanism lessens the resistance of the tape, creating a straight line from start to finish. An "open-closed" switch located in the center of the corrective tape allows it to be quickly locked and released the correction tape, preventing accidental opening. What's noteworthy is that the correction tape is refillable, which is economical and environmentally friendly.

Width: 5mm
Length: 10m

Customer Reviews

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Its super cute and in new packaging. It is bigger than I thought (which is a good thing). I loved this since it is my first time ordering. It is so much more expensive on amazon so I am super happy with my purchase.

♥ high quality ♥

this correction tape is the only one i've ever loved! often times, they seem to not stick to the paper or get brittle and break for no reason. but not this one!! it's very easy to apply, looks seamless and subtle on white paper and actually sticks to it and not the plastic case! buy it !!!!!